Faculty Panel
At Sun Academy we make students academically superb and always encourage to do better in life with the help of our faculty panel.
The faculty panel of Sun Academy comprises of highly renowned, motivated and experienced faculty members.
The faculty members are continuously supported by a team of technical experts and researchers.
They equip students with lot of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes so that students can never feel lost and go ahead of their goals.
Our faculty has played, instrumental role in selection of hundreds of students in MBBS courses of different colleges/universities in India.
In addition to our permanent faculty members we also invite different guest speakers to enhance students educational experience.

What is different at Sun Academy?
Sun Academy is not conceptualized merely as a coaching institute, but it is dream to develop a system which will help students to realize their goals.
We have a very good testing system. Every weekend, we conduct a weekly test and after such four weekly tests, a monthly test is conducted.
For Medical students, there are two monthly tests on the same day. One based on NEET pattern and 2nd on AIIMS pattern. In all there will be seven monthly tests in one session covering whole syllabus till February after that, there will be special revision schedule (No extra fee will be charged for that) in which a short revision class will be conducted on each topic and then a test based on that revision class.
After revision tests, mock tests for NEET and AIIMS will be held three for NEET and two for AIIMS.
To enhance the subject knowledge we are also giving D.P.T (Daily practice test) and Term Test.

What Special We Have For AIIMS Aspirants
There is a big difference in approach to NEET and facing AIIMS entrance exam. In entrance, a very big emphasis is given to assertion and reason questions. We have prepared a Question Bank for only Assertion and Reason problems.

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